Customized and personalized service

With over 10 years of combined financing, engineering and construction management experience, Energen is ready to tackle your most complicated or your most simplistic challenges. We employ licensed professional design engineers, licensed general contractors and financing professionals all in house. From mechanical systems to solar PV and from concept to completion, Energen has the experience needed to overcome your energy challenges in a real-world environment.

Energy Efficiency

Energens efficiency first, generation second philosophy allows for the maximum return on minimum investment. Most renewable companies want to sell you the largest possible renewable system size to offset your current utility consumption. Energen wants to first minimize your property’s consumption first by introducing smart LED lighting, high efficiency HVAC and plumbing systems, advanced mechanical controls and passive construction. Once a minimized load profile is understood and verified, then Energen will size an appropriate renewable system to fit your new and improved utility costs.

Solar PV

Our staff has completed projects that range from 10kW to 1250 kW in size. Offerings include rooftop, ground mounted and parking lot carport systems that allow you to optimize the return on your investment and maximize your property’s value over the life of the system. From conceptual design to turn key operation, Energen is with you every step of the way. We will design and offer a number of systems that will fit different investment and construction appetites. Once a system is selected, the installation will be bid competitively with local installers. Energen will manage construction contracts, hold pre-construction meetings and provide quality assurance by overseeing the installation every step of the way. When the installation is complete, Energen will hold the contractor responsible to a production guarantee that allows you to maintain confidence in your investment over it’s long life.

Mechanical/Plumbing Systems

Whether it be new construction or a retrofit project, Energen designs Mechanical and Plumbing systems with efficiency and sustainability in mind.