Our vision is To improve our clients bottom line while reducing your carbon footprint today by implementing the most technologically advanced energy services of tomorrow.

Before you read on, if you have a desire to reduce your energy consumption to help the environment or simply save money, we would like to talk to you. We understand this can be a confusing and intimidating topic but we all know how important the environment is. We are happy to offer a 10 min free consultation call to anyone with questions.

We are excited to bring over 30 years experience in the energy and utility rate markets to the vast opportunities available in California to reduce electric demand and consumption on the West Coast.

Weather you are considering putting solar + storage on your home or a installing a 1 mega watt commercial grade solar array, Energen is here to help!

Energy Savings:

Energen provides the following services:

  • Zero investment, savings based
  • Investment Grade Energy Audit (IGEA)
  • Solar + Storage
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