Utility Bill Auditing

Our Audit Program is an analytical review, audit and collection process of overpayments to utility suppliers as a result of billing errors, payment errors, inaccurate meter readings, incorrect tariff rates, pricing errors, neglected discounts, erroneously paid taxes and related errors

Utility Rate Analysis and Tariff Verification

Our Utility Rate Analysis and Tariff Verification will ensure that all of your facilities and utility accounts are being billed correctly and at the least expensive rate. The utility suppliers are under no obligation to bill you at the lowest or best rate. They offer a large variety of services and tariff options, but it is the responsibility of the consumer to determine and apply for the most favorable rate.

Utility Bill Payment and Processing

Our Utility Bill Payment Service will provide a complete Bill Processing, Presentment and Payment Service whereby Energen Inc. will directly receive the monthly utility bills and provide accurate and timely information processing of the bills. The bills are aggregated for payment either through secure data uploads to your General Ledger A/P system or through ACH transfers. Our Program reduces direct labor and overhead costs associated with processing complicated utility and supply bills, while reducing energy costs through our rigorous monthly Energy Cost Reduction Services.